Making Connections: Group Care through the Connecting Pregnancy Program

“I am so happy we found Connecting Pregnancy,” says Nina as she soothes her new baby.  “I was pretty nervous being pregnant for the first time and not knowing anyone with a baby in Vancouver.  We didn’t even know what we didn’t know.” Most new families need much more than typical prenatal care. Group care programs are a great way … Read More

Family doctors providing maternity care: The close knit, team-based community at St. Paul’s Maternity Care Clinic is welcoming families

Becoming a parent is a life-altering experience. There are changes taking place physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually which can leave you feeling excited, surprised, confused or maybe even overwhelmed. During this transition time for you and your loved ones, being accompanied and guided along on this journey by passionate and dedicated health care professionals can make all the … Read More

Self-care and staying grounded after your baby is born

  If you were caught off-guard by the time and energy it takes to look after your new baby, you’re not alone—the first few weeks can be hard. It’s important to take care of your emotional well-being in the postpartum period. “While having a baby is usually a time of celebration, families and the people around you may forget that … Read More

Breastfeeding:  starting out right

  Breastfeeding is the natural and normal way of feeding infants and young children. Learning about breastfeeding while you are pregnant will help you start out right.  Most  prenatal classes also provide at least a session on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be easy and trouble free for most mothers, with the right support. Keep in mind, however, that breastfeeding is a … Read More

Have a Happy Birth Day! What to expect in labour and child birth

  Your labour will be your own—and you’ll have a unique story to tell. No one can tell you what your experience of labour will be like, or how long it will last, because every woman is different. “Most babies are born simply and easily without any medical interventions. Your body has been carefully designed so that you likely have … Read More

Preparing for a marathon: labour, birth and the week after

  Most articles about preparing for birth focus on the “before” part—the plan for how you are getting to the hospital (partner, friend, taxi), and having a bag of essential items at least four weeks ahead of your due date. Labour is like getting ready for a marathon. If you are able to do some reading or prenatal classes and … Read More

Eating for two: choosing food to nourish yourself and your baby in pregnancy

  A balanced, nutritious diet during pregnancy is important to maintain your health and nourish your baby. Follow Canada’s Food Guide and focus on eating vegetables and fruit, grain products, milk and alternatives, and meat and alternatives. Limit sugary and high-fat foods. Fine-tune your diet – even if you already eat well Almost all pregnant women need to get more protein, … Read More

Beyond the blues: Mental health in pregnancy and after the baby is born

Getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, and the caring for an infant in their first year of life—it is an emotional time for women and their families. The changes in a woman’s body that come with pregnancy can also change her mood and emotions in ways that may not be expected or welcome for some women. Your expectations, and expectations … Read More

Build confidence in pregnancy with prenatal classes

Over the course of your pregnancy, you may have 15 or more visits with a family doctor. It can be a challenge to fit all your questions about pregnancy, labour, and childbirth—not to mention caring for a newborn—into those visits! If you are still looking for a family doctor for maternity care, you can find one at Not every … Read More

Fitness for two: exercise and pregnancy

Fitness for Two: Exercise & Pregnancy

Exercise can help you be healthy and feel better during your pregnancy. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include: Improving your posture and reducing back pain Decreasing leg cramps Reducing constipation Helping you to feel more energetic Improving your overall mood Keeping your weight gain healthy Research tells us that moderate exercise is safe in a normal healthy pregnancy, … Read More

Speaking your language: multicultural maternity care in Vancouver

If you were born and raised in Vancouver, the relatively easy access to family doctors that we enjoy here may be something that you take for granted—but we are, in fact, very privileged to have so many high quality options for care at our fingertips. If you have arrived in Vancouver from another part of the world, and you are … Read More

Your first pregnancy visit with your family doctor

Your first pregnancy visit with your family doctor

Schedule an appointment with your family doctor as soon as you think you might be pregnant or have a positive home pregnancy test. If you do not have a family doctor, you can look for one at If your family doctor doesn’t provide maternity care, they can refer you to a family doctor who specializes in maternity care, a … Read More