Fitness for two: exercise and pregnancy

Fitness for Two: Exercise & Pregnancy

Exercise can help you be healthy and feel better during your pregnancy. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include: Improving your posture and reducing back pain Decreasing leg cramps Reducing constipation Helping you to feel more energetic Improving your overall mood Keeping your weight gain healthy Research tells us that moderate exercise is safe in a normal healthy pregnancy, … Read More

Speaking your language: multicultural maternity care in Vancouver

Get the latest COVID-19 pregnancy information and resources (including in multiple languages) here. If you were born and raised in Vancouver, the relatively easy access to family doctors that we enjoy here may be something that you take for granted—but we are, in fact, very privileged to have so many high quality options for care at our fingertips. If you have … Read More

Your first pregnancy visit with your family doctor

Your first pregnancy visit with your family doctor

Get the latest COVID-19 pregnancy information and resources here. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor as soon as you think you might be pregnant or have a positive home pregnancy test. If you do not have a family doctor, you can look for one at If your family doctor doesn’t provide maternity care, they can refer you to a … Read More

Family doctor, midwife, or obstetrician – how do you choose?

Doctor, Midwife or OB - how do you choose?

This may be one of the most frequently, and passionately, discussed topics in pregnancy forums and pregnancy-related social media—fortunately most people agree there are several right answers. Let’s look at the differences and similarities between the various care providers you may consider for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Styles of Care No matter what type of provider you choose, … Read More

How to choose the right family doctor for your pregnancy

How to Choose the RIght Maternity Care Doctor for Your Pregnancy

Get the latest COVID-19 pregnancy information and resources here. Congratulations – you’re pregnant! Many women are both excited and nervous to start. But maybe your next thought was: “How am I going to find the right doctor to care for me?” The Vancouver Division of Family Practice shares a list of family doctors who are accepting patients for maternity care at … Read More