COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Last reviewed on April 1, 2023

Expecting a child can bring with it a flurry of emotions and questions at any time, maybe more so now with COVID-19. During these challenging and changing times, the Vancouver Division of Family Practice along with its partners hopes to support your maternity care journey, making it as EASI (Effective And Seamlessly Integrated) as possible.  Family doctors and pregnant people have come together to find information from trusted sources – and have collected it here – just for you!  

While being pregnant during a pandemic can bring up wonder or worry, we hope that these resources will support your preparation for labour, birth, postpartum, newborn care and parenting. Of course, this information is not meant to replace the valuable and important expertise of your health care provider. Please consult your provider for which resources specifically apply to youFor a list of maternity care providers, check out our “Find a Maternity Care Doctor” section on our site.

We hope this ‘one-stop-shop’ will help you along your maternity care journey, feel free to share it with others!  May you and yours stay safe and healthy, particularly at this time.

Looking for resources in other languages besides English? Please refer to the links in orange text

What is COVID-19?

How to be Prepared? 

Indigenous Resources 

Virtual Prenatal Classes 

Most providers continue to offer virtual options. Please visit our Prenatal Classes information for a listing.

Mental Health & Coping During COVID-19

Delivery Hospitals & COVID-19

Giving birth at any time can come with a mix of nervousness, excitement and other emotions. Often, there’s also a lot of questions too.  With COVID, things are changing in the hospital – and more changes may happen before/when you deliver.  Remember that even through this change, doctors, midwives, nurses and the entire hospital team are working hard to make sure you have the best care possible.

Breastfeeding & COVID-19

Information About Children & Parenting During COVID-19

Helpful Videos


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