Physician Resources for Maternity Care

If you are providing early pregnancy care for your patients prior to referral, you may be interested in our prenatal and postpartum care checklists. These convenient reference sheets give an overview of important questions, tests and topics to cover in prenatal and postpartum visits:

Members of the Vancouver Division of Family Practice can also find over 150 resources related to Obstetric & Maternity Care, organized according to trimesters, postpartum & newborn information, and general information, on the Pathways system. For more information about Pathways, please call the VDoFP office at 604-569-2010 or e-mail

Referrals to Family Doctors

Download a Family Physician referral form (PDF)

We welcome referrals from community physicians for patients that live in the City of Vancouver. To refer a patient for maternity care, please select the maternity care doctor of your choice using the Find A Doctor page. Please fax a referral note along with all relevant pregnancy information to the office (ultrasound, blood work, pap test).

The doctor’s office will contact the patient with the date and time of appointment. Alternatively, please have your patient call the doctor’s office for an appointment.

Referrals to Family Doctors/Nurse Practitioners for Ongoing Primary Care Post-Pregnancy

Download the Patient Attachment Initiative referral form (PDF)

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice Patient Attachment Initiative (PAI) accepts referrals from maternity providers (maternity family doctors, midwives, obstetricians/gynecologists) for patients who live in the City of Vancouver and need ongoing primary care after they deliver their baby. (Form updated Nov 30, 2021.)

For more information, please contact

Referrals to Public Health

Download a Public Health referral form (PDF)

Vancouver Coastal Health would like to connect with all pregnant women less than 25 years old as early in pregnancy as possible and to connect with women of any age who need additional support in pregnancy. Family Practice physicians can refer using the referral form, or their clients can call 1-855-550-2229.

A public health nurse will contact all women whom you refer and offer them with tailored public health services focusing on maternal and infant nutrition, emotional health, healthy lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol and substance use), safety, effective parenting, and immunization/communicable disease. Following receipt of the referral, the public health nurse will provide you with feedback after the assessment and during the follow-up of all patients you refer. We will also inform you if we are unable to contact your patient.

Find a Maternity Care Doctor

Find a Maternity Care Doctor