Substance Use

While there is no safe amount of substance use during pregnancy, total abstinence can be challenging for some individuals. If you’re struggling with alcohol, marijuana or other substances, it’s important to be as transparent as you can be with your provider for guidance and support. They can help you work with your goals and/or discuss safer alternatives that you could consider. Pregnancy offers a special opportunity to take stock — are you perhaps ready to consider other choices you might not have been ready for until now? If you’re looking to take a plunge into making some positive changes, or need more support along the way, check out these reliable resources. Any change we make in life (or that happens to us) will likely cause some bumps along the way. Since a change in this area can impact not only you, but also others as well, we encourage you to tag team with your provider. Here’s to a healthier more resilient you, your little one and all your loved ones!

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