Birth is a ceremony to celebrate new life — these are the milestone moments that we hope you’ll find yourself able to feel prepared and present to experience fully. For some communities, this is also an occasion to honour connection to those before us, be it family ties, ancestors or other loved ones. This may also be a time to create and take space for traditions and cultures to which we feel connected and from which we may get a sense of belonging, grounding, knowing, living, doing — and being. Whether in the hospital, at home, on or off traditional lands, we hope that you will be able to receive the respect, space and care to voice and do the things you’d like to do during this sacred time.

Along the way, you may have specific concerns — if your baby is positioned feet first (breech), if pushing is not progressing in an expected way, if you require other avenues for delivery — for all this and more, explore the topics that seem relevant for your situation. In addition to these reliable resources, your maternity provider may also have additional insights to help you feel even more supported during the birth of your baby.

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