Discomfort and Pain

Back pain is a common discomfort that many pregnant women experience due to the changes in their bodies. As the baby grows, the weight can cause strain on the back. Sometimes too, as the uterus expands, it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to a shooting-type pain that can be felt in the back, buttocks or even further down towards the back of the thigh. While discomfort and pain during pregnancy are common, there are steps that can be taken to manage these symptoms. Simple exercises like pelvic tilts or gentle stretches can help lessen the pain. Prenatal massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and appropriate heat therapy can also provide some relief. For the most part, these discomforts are a nuisance, but there are times when other assessments by your maternity provider can be helpful. Have a look to see at the resources we’ve curated for you to see if there are other steps you take to feel better.

Complications In Pregnancy

With all the possible complications that can occur, it almost seems miraculous how much of pregnancy progresses smoothly. Yet, issues such as high blood pressure during pregnancy can sometimes develop. While this can be improved with lifestyle choices for some, for others, a more hands-on approach might be required — whether that means extra monitoring, medications or other management options. Either way, your maternity care provider will be a key connection to help you stay informed about your potential risks and warning signs and what proactive steps you may be able to take to maintain the best possible health for you and your baby. Some of the more common complications have different ways they can show up. Check out the resources we’ve compiled for you on topics from high blood pressure or high blood sugar during pregnancy and more.

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

As COVID-19 continues, it’s natural to have concerns about how it may affect you today and throughout your pregnancy journey. Check out our COVID-19 page for resources and support, including information on vaccination during pregnancy. Stay informed and discuss any concerns with your maternity provider to discuss your specific situation.

Thinking Ahead?

As you get closer to the tail end of your pregnancy journey, it can be common to experience pain in your lower belly and pelvis (and sometimes in your tailbone too!) Knowing what lies ahead, your body begins to prepare itself at the appropriate time so that hormones will begin to relax the ligaments in this region, which makes space for your baby to maneuver more. From Braxton Hicks contractions (are those the real deal?) to swollen feet, we’ve got you covered. By staying informed and taking proactive steps to manage discomforts and pain, you can spend more time enjoying and experiencing your pregnancy. Check out our Common Questions and Concerns in Late Pregnancy for more information, and follow up with your maternity provider for more clarity.