Supplements, Vitamins and Medications

Taking supplements, vitamins, and prescription medications can significantly impact pre-pregnancy health and pregnancy outcomes. For example, did you know some people are advised to take higher doses of folic acid during pregnancy? Check with your provider to see what’s best for your situation. Also, perhaps folate might be part of some of the foods you already enjoy. Check out our list of resources and get the low-down on the benefits of folic acid, iron and other essential vitamins and supplements to help enable a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Food and Nutrition

If you’re considering starting a family, now is an ideal time to reflect on your lifestyle choices. While removing them is ideal, reducing alcohol, tobacco, and other substances from your routine is critical, particularly at this time. Focusing on a healthy diet and nutrition will also be important. Our Early Pregnancy section has various resources to supplement your relationship with your maternity provider and to help you make the positive changes you’re ready for. Visit our valuable resources and start making impactful changes that will benefit you, your baby, and perhaps even others in your life!