Decisions to Make

Just as you’re all trying to settle into your new rhythm of life, there may be several other considerations at your doorstep. Do you have specific thoughts on circumcision, when to have guests, travel, or return/begin to work? These and other decisions can be made together — with your loved ones and with your provider. Take a look at these helpful resources to begin some of these dialogues!


You’ll have your final checkup with your maternity provider approximately six weeks after you’ve delivered your baby. During this visit, you’ll likely discuss your recovery (mind, body and spirit) and your baby’s progress. This visit is an ideal opportunity to discuss your provider’s recommendations for your and your baby’s ongoing care. Have a look at our Medical Visit Schedule [NOTE: Link to Medical Visit Schedule topic box in newborn care, which is the same as the one in Postpartum] page for additional information on care for you and your newborn during this phase so that you’re ready with your reflections and preferences.