Breast/Chest Feeding

Breast/chest feeding can be a powerful experience for you and your baby, with benefits that include bonding, providing essential nutrients, and promoting overall health. However, breast/chest feeding is not always easy or possible for everyone, and that’s okay. Whether you choose to breastfeed, formula feed, or a combination of both, what matters most is that you are providing your baby with the nourishment and care they need to thrive. Our resources will help you make informed decisions about feeding your baby and address any challenges you may face. Remember, there is no one right way to feed your baby, and you deserve support and compassion as you navigate this journey.

Your Mental Health

You’ve likely heard that low mood, blues or depression can settle in even when the arrival of a baby may seem like it’s supposed to bring only positive emotions. Fortunately, we are all helping to create more space for open, vulnerable and needed sharing on this topic. Even though it can be quite common, there may be factors inside of you, your culture, tradition, values, and circles of connections, where speaking up may require additional strength and courage. No matter your circumstances, there is help available. The Pacific Postpartum Support Society is a valuable resource for new parents experiencing anxiety, depression or other emotional challenges during the postpartum period. Along with their support, we’ve carefully gathered these useful resources to help you through this time. If/when you’re feeling big emotions, we hope you’ll be able to reach out to your provider to get the support and care you need.


You might be wondering when you’ll be recovered and ‘back to normal’. It’s important to remember that recovery time and adjustment after childbirth can vary greatly from person to person — and there may be ups and downs along the way. Whether you’re overjoyed or experiencing difficult emotions, asking for help and support is okay. Whether it’s traditional teaching from elders, tips from loved ones or insights from your maternity provider, there are several ways in which you can draw on the layers of support that surround you. If you find it helpful, you might want to write down any key information for you to refer back to when needed. Ask for clarification or repetition along the way. We’re here to offer encouragement and resources to help you journey through this transformative time with self-compassion and strength.

Revisiting Your Plans Is Okay

As you embark on your journey into parenthood, it’s important to remember that it’s very much okay to reassess the decisions you’ve made along the way and make adjustments that feel right for you and your family. For example, you may want to consider whether your earlier decisions about parental leave and benefits still make sense with your current needs and priorities. If you can, take your time as you ease into parenthood. Maybe today you set micro goals (shower, anyone?) which get reset anew for tomorrow (and the day after that). Have a look at the resources we’ve reviewed and compiled to help you make the choices that will best serve you and your loved ones.

Maternity Program and Services has a wealth of patient information to guide you in your journey. As we continue to add content to our website, our goal is to review and recommend more information for you about services and programs in Vancouver. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the list of programs and services available on Pathways BC as well as what is currently listed on BC211.