You Have Got This

This phase can be like crossing off days on a calendar, you may be waiting as patiently as possible, or it may be spontaneous and sudden. Either way, you’ve got this. Continuing to care for yourself, just as you have throughout your pregnancy, can help you be as ready and healthy as possible in body, mind, and spirit. From taking the breaks you need to staying active, from healthy eating, communicating and getting as much rest as you can, you’ll actively position yourself so that your baby is ready to be welcomed anytime! If you’ve got questions about what to expect, we’ve got the relevant resources in our Common Questions and Concerns.

Thinking Ahead?

While it might seem that the end of the road will happen with the delivery of your little one, this really opens a new beginning! From initial skin-to-skin moments for parents and loved ones, the initial latch for breast/chest feeding and all the questions you might have based on the type of birth you have or the healing you expect, there can be lots to be curious about. We’ve reviewed and spotlighted some key areas to help you navigate what comes after delivery for you, your baby and others.